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Copper wire is an excellent conductor of electricity and can carry a high current load without melting or breaking. However, this makes it unsuitable for use as a fuse wire for several reasons. Firstly, for a fuse wire to work correctly, it needs to have a relatively low melting point. This way, when a sudden surge of current flows through it, the wire can heat up and melt quickly, breaking the circuit and preventing damage to other components. Copper, however, has a relatively high melting point. This means that it would take a much longer time for it to heat up and melt, making it ineffective as a fuse wire. Secondly, copper wire does not have a consistent resistance, which is another crucial property required for a fuse wire to function correctly. When electricity flows through a wire, the electrical resistance in the wire produces heat. This heat is what causes the fuse wire to melt and break the circuit. If the wire's resistance is too low, it may not produce enough heat to melt. Conversely, if the resistance is too high, it may melt too quickly, even if there is no surge in current. Copper wire's resistance can vary significantly, making it unreliable as a fuse wire. Finally, copper wire is not designed to fail safely. When a fuse wire melts, it should break the circuit, preventing any further damage to other components. A copper wire, on the other hand, would continue to conduct electricity even after it had melted, posing a significant risk of fire or electric shock. In conclusion, while copper wire is an excellent conductor of electricity, it is not suitable for use as a fuse wire due to its high melting point, inconsistent resistance, and lack of safe failure mechanisms. Instead, fuses are typically made from metals like silver, tin, or copper alloys like brass, which have a low melting point, consistent resistance, and designed to fail safely Environmental impact of Copper scrap recycling Scrap Copper composition analysis

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